Cat Adoptions:

The Ark requires an adoption application, an adoption contract and an adoption fee of $150 for cats 1-year-old and over and $200 for kittens under 1-year-old. All animals are altered, microchipped, fiv/felv tested negative (note: per vet recommendation and policy, one kitten from each litter, or just the mother of a litter is tested), and up to date on vaccinations before adopted.

Unless another location is noted, all of our cats are in The Cattery inside the San Juan PetSmart and may be visited anytime the store is open. Kittens are in foster homes where they are well socialized.

To interact with a cat or kitten, come to our adoption events on Wednesdays from 4-7pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11am-2pm at the San Juan PetSmart, or contact us at [email protected] to arrange an alternate time.



Eight-year-old female Flame Point Siamese/Maine Coon mix who was owner surrendered to The Ark. She is currently in a foster home.


Ro WMN-X2.jpg

Five-year-old owner relinquish from Lake Forest who is a confident male cat. He loves other cats, but wants to feel he is "large and in charge!" Or Ro would be fine as an only cat.


Aruba 1 WMN-X2.jpg


Jamaica 1 WMN-X2.jpg




11-year-old male Maine Coon who is an owner relinquish to The Ark. He loves to be brushed and petted. Likes to talk like most Maine coons, but only when he's hungry. Poofy and his brother, Buster, spend their days mostly napping on a lap and sun bathing by a window.



11-year-old Maine Coon who is an owner relinquish to The Ark. Buster and Poofy have grown up with each other and also a Labrador retriever. They love people in general, kids, adults.....everyone.  Reduced adoption fee for these cats, especially if adopted together.


Jacob WMN-X2.jpg

Jacob is a very curious and friendly one-year-old Orange Tabby. He loves other cats and would do well in any home. 



Annika is a very sweet eight-year-old Bengal from San Juan. She is much quieter than the typical Bengal cat and would love to be back in a home again.




Hamlet is a handsome eight-month-old Russian Blue who is talkative and very friendly!


Mento 3WMN-X2.jpg

This kitten is in foster.


Hope 1 WMN-X2.jpg

This kitten is in foster.



Faith 2 WMN-X2.jpg

This kitten is in foster.


AJAX-male kitten


This kitten is in a foster home, contact to confirm the presence at the adoption events. Ajax is best friends with Atlanta!


Ginger 2 WMN-X2.jpg

Ginger is a very fun four year old who came to The Ark with her kittens. Now Ginger is a ready for a home of her own. She gets along with cats and dogs. 


Persimmon & apricot.jpg

These kittens are being showcased at Santa Margarita Animal Care Ctr.



Five-year-old tabby whose owner recently died. Skipper is in a foster home while we find a wonderful forever home! His adoption fee has been sponsored by his foster!








This kitten is in foster, contact to confirm attendance at adoption events. Atlanta and Ajax should go to a home together.


Kiko 1 WMN-X2.jpg

Kiko is a very fun, relaxed five-year-old cat who gets along with other cats, dogs, children etc. He even likes to walk on a leash and is a huge talker! 



COURTESY LISTINGS (these animals are not a part of The Ark program and have not been evaluated by The Ark)


Tiger Lily CL.jpg

Tiger Lily is a very sweet and loving 12-year-old female Lynx Pointed Ragdoll whose family adopted when she was a kitten. They are heartbroken to have to find her a new home due to severe allergies. She has always been an indoor cat and loves to lay on a lap.

She is front declawed, as was more common many years ago, so will need to be kept indoors.

Contact us about Tiger LIly and contact information will be sent to the owner. [email protected]

HAPPY TAILS - Stories of homes found and second chances — all made possible through your support!

CAPT JACK - before

CAPT JACK - after

Meet Miss Maple

Our tri-paw cat

Capt Jack is a stray who was brought to the OC shelter at 11 weeks old, covered in oil, emaciated, and with a severe eye infection. The Ark rescued Capt Jack, got him into a foster home, cleaned up and treated his eye infection. He recently found a wonderful forever home with two new best friends, Belgian Melanois who love their new buddy. What a difference between Capt Jack’s before and current pictures! Capt. Jack is the fifth kitten with this virulent eye infection that The Ark has saved in the past few months and we anticipate more soon.

The Ark pulled Maple from the County shelter as this wonderful 4 year old (rare) female orange tabby who likes other cats and has a loving personality was overlooked for over at month due to being missing one hind paw. It doesn't impact her much at all and she gets around just fine. Maple has found that special home for such a special cat!