Cat Adoptions:

The Ark requires an adoption application, an adoption contract and an adoption fee of $150 for cats 1-year-old and over and $200 for kittens under 1-year-old. At times, and for certain breeds, the adoption fee may vary. All animals are altered, microchipped, fiv/felv tested negative if warranted (note: per vet recommendation and policy, one kitten from each litter, or just the mother of a litter is tested), and up-to-date on vaccinations before adopted.

Unless another location is noted, all of our cats are in The Cattery inside the San Juan PetSmart and may be visited anytime the store is open. Kittens are in foster homes where they are well socialized.

To interact with a cat or kitten, come to our adoption events on Wednesdays from 4-7pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11am-3pm at the San Juan PetSmart, or contact us at [email protected] to arrange an alternate time.


Addy 1 WMn_DSC2799 copy-X2.jpgFemale Torbie kitten​​​​​​​ in foster.


Alex 1 WMN_DSC6773-X2.jpg

Alexis is a super sweet and cuddly LH female cat. Alexis was brought to a local shelter weighing only 3.4 lbs. and extremely dehydrated. Despite this, Alexis was a purring machine and so appreciative of pets and attention. She is still petite, but is now at a healthy weight and ready for her forever home! 


Atley 1 WMN_DSC2862 copy-X2.jpg

One-year-old male Brown Tabby in foster.


Blue Moon 1 WMN_DSC2823 copy-X2.jpg

One-year-old female Lynx Pointed Ragdoll.



Bonnaroo 1 WMN_DSC2845 copy-X2.jpg

Male kitten in foster.


Bowser 1 WMN_DSC5446-M.jpg

Bowser - Four-year-old male Russian Blue / Nebelung mix with a sleek coat and fuzzy tail.


bread and butter.jpg

Bread & Butter - Female muted torbie Abyssinian mix kitten


Bourbon Street WMN_DSC2806-X2.jpg

Eight-month-old male orange and white tabby in foster.



Caffe 1 WMn_DSC2905 copy-X2.jpg

Female Brown and white tabby kitten in foster.


Calliope WMN_DSC6662-X2.jpg

Calliope is a four-year-old female marbled tabby who was relinquished to The Ark and wants to be back in a home again.


Canvas 1 WMN_DSC2744 copy-X2.jpg

Male orange cream kitten in foster.


Cardinal1 WMN_DSC6816-X2.jpg

Cardinal is a Male brown tabby in foster.  He likes to act like tough and says that is fine living in foster.  Dont let his pocker face fool you....its all an act!  Cardinal is reallly longing to be in a furrever home where he can get the unconditional love that her deserves! 



Carraba 1 WMn_DSC2758 copy-X2.jpg

Female kitten in foster.


Cheesedoodle 1 WMN_DSC2872 copy-X2.jpg

Male orange tabby kitten


Chipolte 1 WMN_DSC2761 copy-X2.jpg

Femalr gray tabby kitten in foster


Chunk 1 WMN_DSC2790 copy-X2.jpg

Male orange and brown tabby kitten in foster.



Clive 1 WMN_DSC2854 copy-X2.jpg

Male orange tabby kitten in foster.


Courduroy 1 WMN_DSC2748 copy-X2.jpg

Male orange and white tabby kitten in foster.



Dill - Male Brown Tabby Abyssinian mix kitten


Espresso 1 WMN_DSC2896 copy-X2.jpg

Male brown and white tabby kitten in foster




Gherkin - male Brown and white Tabby Abyssinian mix kitten


Key Lime Pie 1WMN_DSC2918 copy-X2.jpg

Three-month-old female MH orange and white tabby in foster.  This amazing girl has big, beauiful eyes and markings. She loves to play and get pets on the forehead but is a little shy.  She is going to need a feline companion in the home to keep her company and help her come out of her shell. 


Khalessi 1 WMN_DSC6632-X2.jpg

Khaleesi is. a three-year-old Turkish Van mix who came to The Ark with her kittens and is now ready for her forever home!


Kisses 2 WMN_DSC6527-X2.jpg

Kisses is a five-year-old female Calico who is very beautiful and elegant. Kisses was owner relinquished to The Ark when her owner could no longer care for her. ​​​​​  ​​




Kosher - Male Brown & white Tabby Abyssinian mix kitten


Lemon Meringue Pie 1 WMN_DSC2932 copy-X2.jpg

Lemon Meringue Pie is a three month old female in foster. She has beautiful tabby markings and a sweet, sweet disposition. She loves to be cradled and cuddled. Perfect binge watching TV partner.


Lily 1 WMN_DSC6501-X2.jpg

Lily is a two-year-old very sweet female​​.  She is a quiet lady who ​​​​​is extreemly loveable.


Lollapollooza 1WMN_DSC2836 copy-X2.jpg

Female Torti kitten in foster.




Melody is a one year old female kitten  in foster who had a rough start in life.  Her foster hooman reported she is adjusted quickly to life outside of the shelter.  She has become very social and loves to talk. Come chat with Melody at Petsmart...she has some good stories!


Mockingbird 1 WMN_DSC6751-X2.jpg

Female brown and white tabby in foster.  SHe loves other kittens, lots of petting and even some dogs.  She is an aspiring model and is always showing those big bright eyes.  Mockingbird is longing to walk the catwalk in a furrever home.  


Morrie 1 WMN_DSC2885-X2.jpg

Male kitten in foster.


Mud Pie 1 WMN_DSC2914 copy-X2.jpg

Three-month-old male kitten in foster.  Mud Pie is the leader of the pack with gorgeous black/chocolate brown coloring. He loves to play, rough and tumble but also loves affection. He will climb into you lap for afternoon cuddles.




Nightingale 1 WMN_DSC6803-X2.jpg

Female kitten in foster.


IMG_0029 (1).jpg

Male kitten in foster



Quiche is a very social, male kitten in foster.  He may be little but his personality is huge.  Come meet Quiche and his brother this weekend at Petsmart.



Female kitten in foster




Scramles is a very social, happy kitten in foster.  He is another little guy with a HUGE personality.  Come meet Scrambles and his brother this weekend at Petsmart.



Shamu is a two-year-old male Ragdoll / Tabby mix with stunning green eyes and the sweetest disposition. Shamu isn’t a fan of overly confident cats and would do best either as the only cat, or with a calm and relaxed buddy. He knows the words breakfast, dinner, snack, bedtime, treats, and up, and loves to be petted. Shamu is in a foster home and will tap his foster on her shoulder if she is busy and Shamu wants some attention.  


Solomon 1 WMn_DSC2828 copy-X2.jpg

Seven-month-old male Seal Point Siamese.


Stubs 1 WMN_DSC6765-X2.jpg

Stubs is a one-year-old male brown tabby who just wants to snuggle and play!



Sugar Baby 1 WMN_DSC2781 copy-X2.jpg

Male Bengal mix kitten in foster.


Sweet Potato Pie 1 WMN_DSC2811 copy-X2.jpg

Eight-month-old male white and orange tabby in foster.


Swiss Dot 1WMN_DSC2738 -X2.jpg

Female Tuxedo kitten in foster.


Toelita 1 WMN_DSC6475-X2.jpg

Toelita is a female polydactyl kitten in foster. This means that she has extra toes making her extra special!    Polydactyl cats are known as Hemingway cats and are considered good luck!  Toelita is a amazing girl who wants to share her love and luck in her furrever home!  



tootsie Pop 1 WMN_DSC2766 copy-X2.jpg

Male Brown tabby kitten in foster.


Topanga 2WMN_DSC6425 copy-X2.jpg

Topanga is a sweet kitten in foster.  This is her doing one of her favorite activites.  Come meet Topanga at one of our adoption events.  


Twilight 1 WMN_DSC6770-X2.jpg

Twilight is a one-year-old female Bombay whose kittens have all been adopted and now it is Twilight’s chance for a wonderful home!  Twilight really enjoys scratches and cuddles. She is the sweetest mama ever according to her foster!


COURTESY LISTINGS (these animals are not a part of The Ark program and have not been evaluated by The Ark)

HAPPY TAILS - Stories of homes found and second chances — all made possible through your support!

CAPT JACK - before

Empty Image Block.

CAPT JACK - after

Meet Miss Maple

Our tri-paw cat

Capt Jack is a stray who was brought to the OC shelter at 11 weeks old, covered in oil, emaciated, and with a severe eye infection. The Ark rescued Capt Jack, got him into a foster home, cleaned up and treated his eye infection. He recently found a wonderful forever home with two new best friends, Belgian Melanois who love their new buddy. What a difference between Capt Jack’s before and current pictures! Capt. Jack is the fifth kitten with this virulent eye infection that The Ark has saved in the past few months and we anticipate more soon.

The Ark pulled Maple from the County shelter as this wonderful 4 year old (rare) female orange tabby who likes other cats and has a loving personality was overlooked for over at month due to being missing one hind paw. It doesn't impact her much at all and she gets around just fine. Maple has found that special home for such a special cat!