Cat Adoptions:


The Ark requires an adoption application, an adoption contract and an adoption fee of $150 for cats 1-year-old and over and $200 for kittens under 1-year-old. At times, and for certain breeds, the adoption fee may vary. All animals are altered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccinations before adopted. Fiv/felv testing is only done if recommended by a vet partner.

Unless another location is noted, all of our cats are in The Cattery inside the San Juan PetSmart and may be visited anytime the store is open. Kittens are in foster homes where they are well socialized.

To interact with a cat or kitten, come to our adoption events on Wednesdays from 4-7pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11am-3pm at the San Juan PetSmart, or contact us at [email protected] to arrange an alternate time.


Annie 2 WMN_DSC8105-X2.jpg

Annie is a 6 year old female, striped tabby.  She was owner relinquished back to the Ark after the owner could no longer care for her. She is a super easy cat that just wants a nice lap to curl up on!  She needs medication for her thyroid which can be one pill a day or lotion rubbed on her ear.  Come meet Annie....she will steal your heart.


Apple Blossom 1 WMN_DSC7520-X2.jpg

Apple Blossom is a female Dilute Calico kitten​​​​​ in foster.  ​​


Autumn Leaf 1 WMN_DSC8204-X2.jpg

Male 8 week old kitten in foster.


Bowser 1 WMN_DSC5446-M.jpg

Bowser - Four-year-old male Russian Blue / Nebelung mix with a sleek coat and fuzzy tail.



Cajun 1 WMN_DSC8155-X2.jpg

Cajun is a 7 month old male kitten in foster


Cardinal1 WMN_DSC6816-X2.jpg

Cardinal is a Male brown tabby in foster.  He likes to act like tough and says that is fine living in foster.  Dont let his pocker face fool you....its all an act!  Cardinal is reallly longing to be in a furrever home where he can get the unconditional love that her deserves! 


Cinnamon Toast Crunch 1WMN_DSC8187-X2.jpg

Male kitten in foster


Coriander 1 WMN_DSC8016-X2.jpg

Coriander is an 8 year old, female purebred Persian whose was owner relinquished by a woman in San Juan with dementia to the County Shelter. Coriander is not only beautiful, but an absolute love who wants to be in a home again with people. She is getting a bath and grooming before going to her forever home!



Curry 1WMN_DSC8123-X2.jpg

Curry is a month old Bengal mix kitten in foster.


Diamond 3 WMN_DSC8080-X2.jpg

Diamond is a 5 month female Bombay kitten who was rescued from a cat satuary.


Ember 1WMN_DSC7079-L.jpg

Female brown tabby in foster.


Emperor 1 WMN_DSC7100-L.jpg

Adorable male kitten in foser.



Finley1 WMN_DSC8059-X2.jpg

Finley is handsome two year old tabby.  


Frosted Flakes 1 WMN_DSC8171-X2.jpg

Frosted Flakes is a male lynx point siamese kitten in foster


Garnet 1 WMN_DSC7675-X2.jpg

Garnet is a 5 month old, female Bombay kitten in foster.  She was a rescue from a cat sanctuary with her siblings.  


Ginko 1 WMN_DSC8141-X2.jpg

Ginko is a 5 month old Bombay male kitten in foster



Glitter 1WMN _DSC8109 copy-X2.jpg

Glitter is a super fun female brown/orange tabby in foster.  She is very social and gets along with everyone!  She is very playful, has tons of personality, and likes to snuggle in bed. She also does very well in her carrier and in the car.


Harmony 1 WMN_DSC7619-X2.jpg

Harmony is a male brown tabby kitten in foster.


Harvest 1 WMN_DSC8199-X2.jpg

Harvest is a 8 week old male tabby kitten in foster.  


Hermosa 1WMN_DSC8223-X2.jpg

Three month old kitten in foster.



Janie 1 WMN_DSC8138-X2.jpg

Janie is a rare three-year-old, female, orange tabby in foster.


Kiki 1 WMN_DSC8031-X2.jpg

Kiki is a  7 yr old felmale tabby. Kiki and her brother, Winston, have lived in the same home since they were kittens. Now 7 years old, they were owner relinquish to The Ark due to an illness in the home and it would be wonderful to keep these two sweeties together! They are both very sweet and affectionate. ​​​​​​ ​Kiki and Winston's new address is the Cattery in Petsmart and you can meet them anytime.  Stop in and say hello!  


Mademoiselle 2 WMN_DSC8038-X2.jpg

Mademoiselle is a two-year-old female sweetheart who went into the County shelter after her owner died back in May. Despite all this, Mademoiselle has remained very loving and so wants a new forever home!


Matchbox 1 WMN_DSC7969-X2.jpg

Matchbox is a 16 week old male Grey/white med hair kitten in foster.



Miss Gypsy 2 WMN_DSC7993-X2.jpg

Miss Gypsy is a 1 yr old, female Russian Blue who loves to be held and cuddled.


Monica 1 WMN_DSC7913-L.jpg

Monica is a 4 month of female Tortie. She is very calm and affectionate.


Monterey 3 WMN_DSC8099-X2.jpg

Monterey is a 5 month old male kitten in foster. He is a very active, playful and affectionate kitten.  His foster reports that he loves humans and wants lots attention.  Monterey will meow for loves and pets on demand!  Monterey has been raised with 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 kids.  


Morrie 1 WMN_DSC7863-L.jpg

Male Bombay 5 month old kitten in foster.  Foster family reports that Morrie is a major snuggler!!!!



Mushu 1 WMN_DSC7856-L.jpg

Mushu is a stunning 5 month old, female kitten in foster.


Pepino 1 WMN_DSC7904-2-L.jpg

Pepino is a 5 month old female who looks stunning in her winter scarf.  She is really friendly and loves to be held.


Pico 1 WMN_DSC8216-X2.jpg

Pico is a three-month-old male kitten in foster


P.J. 1 WMN_DSC7942-X2.jpg

PJ is a large male Brown Tabby who is a real sweetie pie that loves to hang out and play.  PJ is almost like having a small dog.  He just wants scratches and will follow you around the house.  He is currently living at the cattery at the Petsmart in SJC.  Come meet PJ anytime. He loves company!



Portobello 2 WMN_DSC8068-X2.jpg

Male orange tabby kitten in foster


Sharknado 1 WMN_DSC7954-X2.jpg

Sharknado is a really cool black and white male cat.  Come meet Sharknado at the Cattery in Petsmart anytime.  


Sweet Maple Chai 1 WMN_DSC8253-X2.jpg

Female kitten in foster


Tobasco 1 WMN_DSC8052-X2.jpg

Tobasco is a seven month old male Bombay mix kitten in foster.



Winston 1 WMN_DSC8026-X2.jpg

Winston is 7 yr old male tabby. Winston and his sister, Kiki, have lived in the same home since they were kittens. Now 7 years old, they were owner relinquish to The Ark due to an illness in the home and it would be wonderful to keep these two sweeties together! They are both very sweet and affectionate. 



COURTESY LISTINGS (these animals are not a part of The Ark program and have not been evaluated by The Ark)

HAPPY TAILS - Stories of homes found and second chances — all made possible through your support!

CAPT JACK - before

Empty Image Block.

CAPT JACK - after

Meet Miss Maple

Our tri-paw cat

Capt Jack is a stray who was brought to the OC shelter at 11 weeks old, covered in oil, emaciated, and with a severe eye infection. The Ark rescued Capt Jack, got him into a foster home, cleaned up and treated his eye infection. He recently found a wonderful forever home with two new best friends, Belgian Melanois who love their new buddy. What a difference between Capt Jack’s before and current pictures! Capt. Jack is the fifth kitten with this virulent eye infection that The Ark has saved in the past few months and we anticipate more soon.

The Ark pulled Maple from the County shelter as this wonderful 4 year old (rare) female orange tabby who likes other cats and has a loving personality was overlooked for over at month due to being missing one hind paw. It doesn't impact her much at all and she gets around just fine. Maple has found that special home for such a special cat!