This is sweet GRACIE, yearning for a loving home. The Ark of San Juan welcomes Gracie #3 onboard. We heard about this adorable girl from another Rescue Partner who told us the family was planning to take Gracie back to the OC Shelter after adopting her from there 2 years ago; they were just

too busy!
What's always so hard to believe about these sweet relinquished dogs is just how perfect they are as they settle in at their Foster homes & their true personalities emerge. This is certainly the case with Gracie ~

great with other dogs & kids, housebroken, loving & playful. Why anybody would want to give her up is tough to imagine. As the saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure"! Gracie #3 is certainly a TREASURE, she's 5 years old, perfect size at 25lbs & ready to go, would love to be in her furever home by Christmas!