My name is Kiwi, and I was abandoned along with my lovely sister, Luci Lou.  Fortunately, the Ark scooped us up from a high kill shelter in the knick of time. I am known for my affection, and LOVE to give kisses and wag my happy tail.  I am still a puppy, and so small, I can fit into the palm of your hand.  I am also super healthy, but because I am a puppy, I haven't quite mastered potty training, but I am working very hard at it! 

My name is Luci Lou, and like my little sister, I am also very affectionate, and love playing with other dogs and kids. Cats seem to be a breed of their own, and I wish they liked me as much as I like them!

I am the tiniest one, standing next to my adorable sister, Luci Lou, having a chat with a fellow friend.