My name is Vinny! I was abandoned in Eastside Costa Mesa around March 10th. I was so scared when people tried to catch me; they tried for days. On March 12th, I cornered myself in a bush. A girl named Christina felt trustworthy enough, so I let her pull me out, and take me to her warm cozy house with all of her other fur babies. Based on my teeth and personality, everyone definitely thinks I’m under a year old. I’m assumed to be a mix of Bull Terrier and maybe a little Jack Russell. I have very short hair, and shed very little. My active lifestyle keeps me long and slender. I’m about 30 pounds and am already neutered! I take a second to trust humans, but I warm up fast! I’m great with other dogs, as long as they are nice to me. I love the dog park. I love long walks and lots of exercise. I especially love car rides! I don’t really understand cats or what their intentions are, so maybe not a home that has one, but I can be trained not to chase them as needed. I’m pretty much potty trained, if I have access to the potty zone. I’m super smart and I would really benefit from obedience school and someone that has patience. I’m still young and I know I will make somebody a fantastic son! 

Call 949 422 4261 for more info